Na ressaca do "momento neocon"

....(...) Neoconservatives, like most Americans, from the begining had a strong sense of the potentially moral uses of American power, which has been employed throughout the republic's history to fight tyranny and expand democracy around the world. But belief in the possibility of linking power and morality was transformed into a tremendous overemphasis on the role of power, specifically military power, as a means of achieving American national purposes.
....The decision to use force sooner rather than later, or to emphasize hard over soft power, is typically a matter of prudence rather than principle. Yet the officials who populated the Bush administration, as well as their outside supporters, were more likely to have focused throughout their careers on high-intensity combat rather than post-conflict reconstruction, or defense bugets rather than development assistance, as policy issues. No one was opposed in principle to the use of soft power; they simply hadn't thought about it very much. As the saying goes, when your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like nails. (...)

Para o Henrique Raposo, em grande no seu momento Fukuyama.